New hotend.

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Re: Новый hotend.

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All dimensions are the same as on the original hot end. PEEK drilled through, and the head is removable nozzle and stud, also drilled through. In the upper part of the insert PTFE diameter of 5 mm, internal diameter 1.9 mm, it has hat with a diameter of 7 mm, which is a heat barrier. Generally it is the first variances in processing the next version is more modern. Generally, the sizes are not principle. the main thing to keep the constructive sense. On my advice people were bored out then PEEK 6 mm in diameter, put there PTFE 6 mm in diameter, 2 mm inner diameter, and height of 2.5 mm And as I now enjoy printing))) And more than the height of PTFE, the less is the probability of congestion. In my case they removed completely)))

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