Bed temperature

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Bed temperature

Post by markus_kyroe »

Hi guys,

Got my first prints going. Quality gets better time for time! But I have some problems with the right bed temperature :oops:

When I print parts with a large surface area towards the bed I get some shrinkage in the corners. Which strategy should be used to prevent this? The first layers is sticking very well. Should the temperature be lowered after the first 10 layers or something?

I use white PLA. Currently I use a bed temperature about 60 - 65 C.


Shinking corners
Shinking corners

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Markus,

Things I do to prevent warping is to do the following.
- Make sure the bed is perfectly grease free,
- Make sure the bed is perfectly level
- Temp of 65 degC for larger prints and 60 is ok for smaller prints
- Make sure that the corners of the parts are not above the spot where the heat resistors are. Because that are hot-spots, The material expands more at those places and probably increase warping.
- I also experienced that white PLA tends to warp more than other pla I've used.
- Instead of kapton tape use painterstape. That might work better in this situation.


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Post by markus_kyroe »

Thanks! I'll try that out ;-)

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Post by HLA »

...and if this doesn't help, try:
- print first layer very close to the bed (it should look very squished);
- print using raft (large surfaces have strong forces pulling the PLA together at the glass-transition - so reduce it by forming a mesh = raft);

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Post by dognotdog »

I've had fairly good results after starting to really wipe the bed down with acetone before every print. The downside is that its really hard to remove the parts before the bed cools :)

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Post by Lioric »

Actually if you are printing big parts, there is no way around warping if you are not using a temperature controlled chamber, simply as that. There are many factors that can affect curling and without a chamber those can't be controlled (consistent temps, controlled plastic stress removal, equalized cooling of layers, lessen the stress contained in the melted plastic).

I seen several method suggested all over the web, from printing with extra support pads at the corners, to rafts, to create objects with holes and cutouts, but I have found that the only way to avoid curling is to use some method to hold the object to the bed, for ABS plastic I use an ABS glue that I found at the local hardware store, it is so good that a removable layer over the bed is needed (I'm experimenting with glass and some acrylics, covered with white masking tape) as it fixes the part really well (some suggest using a raft but in my tests that doesn't work consistently, even worse than no raft at all as there is less grip area to hold the part in place). Acetone mix works good as well but I cant find a 100% acetone here, just some with scents used for removing nail polish that are not great at melting plastic at all

For PLA in this forum another user suggested using hair spray to fix the part to the bed, I have not tested this method yet as ABS gives so great results that I have not used PLA since then

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