First layer weirdness

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First layer weirdness

Post by instasquid »

Sometimes I get a really bad first layer in my prints. This hasn't been happening in all my prints, but it definitely happens - not sure if it's at certain space on the bed or if something else is happening. Any idea what's causing it? It's like parts of it don't stick to the bed properly and then bunch up. [Ignore the weirdness in the top left, that's from me stopping the print.]

Printing with PLA @ 205C, heatbed at 60C, slicing with SFACT, Felix 2.0, v4 nozzle.

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Post by Bachgassenbande »

For me it looks like that you have a sticking issue.
Are you running the 1st layer with fan? Yes- turn it off
Is your bed leveled? Did you level at heated bed and heated nozzle? No - Heat up nozzle and bed and level bed again
What's your layer height? 0.05mm? Raise it to 0.1 mm for 0.05mm you need a really good adjusted system
How's your flow before printing? Nice round loop when extruding in 10mm height on the bed? No - Raise temperature to 208°C ore more.
Is your Thermistor working? Measure resistance of thermistor. In Spec? No - Change resistor
Is your bed clean?
- Kapton tape? Clean it with Aceton
- Glass? Apply haiespray extra strong

Raise your bed temperature to 65°C
Use PLA adhesive stickers (see forum)
Felix 2.0
E3D Kraken Hotend
3mm Glas bed
LED light bar upgrade

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Post by lammert »

I had the same problem and I solved it by leveling the bed and z-axis again.
The bed was a bit unequal and the extruder to close to the bed.
I also checked the tension of both belts.

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