Marlin error?

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Marlin error?

Post by gobi »

Hey guys.

so i have a 1.5 and a 2.0 and currently only the 2.0 works fine. anyhoo, i checked the marlin eeprom settings and while the 2.0 has all the numbers and values the 1.5 is blank. tried to restore the factory defaults, nothing happened. copied the values from the 2.0 then restart, everything was blank again.

now before i do something i shouldn't, i ask you ppl what should i do?
just reinstall the whole thing or is there something else?


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Post by satoer »

The eeprom doesn't need to be filled with data. All the right settings are already in the firmware. Only if you want to override the default firmware settings you can save it to the eeprom.

About the firmware: The 2.0 and 1.5 have a different Z calibration. Don't use the same firmware, or recalibrate the Z.
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