Advice Needed on Using ABS - Anybody use ABS ?

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Re: Advice Needed on Using ABS - Anybody use ABS ?

Post by cbensch »

I'm a newbie and not a pro - which to me makes it even more meaningful that I have been able to print ABS with no additives other than the kapton tape that came with my 2.0. My extruder is at 250 and the bed at 65. I tried higher bed settings but notice the center of the bed will warp. 65 Seems to work wonderfully. I clean the bed after each print with alcohol and when the print is combined with a raft I have zero problems whatsoever. The key seems to be the speed and flow rates in the manual tab of Repetier Host. I print small, delicate parts at a feed rate of 50 and a flow rate of 130. I print larger models with steps of 10 between 50 and as high as 90 (depending on the complexity of the print) but keep the flow rate at 130. VERY IMPORTANT - I slow down the speed when printing the raft. I will also slow down the feed rate to 40 when the extruder gets to delicate parts of a model.

Here are my raft settings:
RAFT 2.jpg
RAFT 1.jpg

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Post by Capella_Ben »

Interesting. I don't print a raft at all. I mostly don't even print a brim. I find a brim will lift more readily than the model and then the lifting continues through to the model.

I guess, I'm too lazy to have to deal with a raft after job has printed. I generally print medium to larger sized pieces.
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Post by MiguelKendrick »

Based on my experience, I noticed that ABS filaments should use a heated print bed when printing. Print bed temperature should be set at approximately 80° to 100 °C. I actually got several tricks at (it's also my filament supplier) to get the first layer of my ABS print to stick better to the print bed of my 3D printer.

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