Felix 3.0 - Spindle alignement

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Felix 3.0 - Spindle alignement

Post by Lonos »

I have been trying to assemble my Felix 3.0, but the spindle doesn't align with the motor.

In the manual on page 9, step 13 of Module 2 it says: "Make sure the plastic is good
connect it to the frame!" However this is not possible, because the motor bracket is not perfectly flat on the bottom side, this way I am unable to attach without a gap to Profile 2. Resulting from that, the spindle doesn't line up with the motor, as can be seen here:
It also seems to be slightly off in the horizontal.

Any ideas, what I should try?

So far I loosened the motor bracket and tried to realign it. Same as before.
I loosened Profile 2 and pushed it up slightly. Barely any effect.
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Post by Kalidopixel »

Hi Lonos

I Have a Felix 2 & had a slight misalignment issue when i tried to build the Z axis Spindle & Attach it to the 5mm Shaft of the Stepper Motor.

(1) First Check your Z Spindle is True & Not Bent ! ( Lay it on a flat Glass Table & Simply Roll it & Look to see if it's bent)

(2) If it is all True and not bent try turning the spindle, Nut & Z Support Bracket to the Top of It's Travel ( Away from the Z Motor ) then See if it Fits Easy with the Motor Shaft. - You Get more play the higher it goes & this makes Coupling Easy.

Make sure you don't turn it so far that the bearing slides off the Linear Track. You do not want to loose the bearings out of the slider.

On my Felix 2 I tried this and the shaft fitted perfectly & Has Caused me no Problems at all Since, Even when it's at the bottom of it's travel it Turns really Easy.

Hope this helps

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Post by DDME-Marc »

Hi Lonos,

I would double check your frame alignment also.

Looking at your photo's the offset error you have highlighted for the motor bracket would suggest that profile 2 beam may be out off alignment with profile 4 beam (assuming your z axis spindle shaft is not bent).

The assembly manual for the FELIX 2.0 explains with additional detail/views how all the frame profiles should be aligned.

In terms of simple checking for frame alignment a straight edge should lie across the frame beams completely flat, although I went one step further and used micrometres. Please bear in mind that the micrometres measured the frame profiles to be dished in the order of 0.1 mm, which will explain why a small amount of light will still show in the centre of the beam profiles using straight edge.

I have attached a photo to clarify although please note I could not show a straight edge in the same area in question due to the excess wiring and the power supply.


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Post by Lonos »

Thanks for the quick reply :)
I took the motor completely off, aligned the profile and now it looks like it fits well.

Back to work now, still some pieces to be assembled.
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Post by andrewsi »

I ran into exactly the same thing doing frame assembly last night but found that after loosening up the frame and readjusting slightly I was able to get it to align perfectly, and then tightened everything down again. (Shortly afterward, I found that the two pulleys had been left out of my mechanics bag. :-( )
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