XZ Home Triggering Failure

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XZ Home Triggering Failure

Post by reltnek »

It seems as if the X and Z axes optosensors are randomly triggering (new Felix 3.0). They appear to work correctly, as the LED's all trigger correctly, and when the head is near to home, it will correctly find home. But move the head a distance away from home, and it will 'find' the X home somewhere in the middle. Similar story for Z. It happens at random positions, so I assume that it must be triggering due to some noise or other issue. Putting a scope on the optosensor output terminal (on the mainboard) showed a reasonably clean signal.
The frustrating part is that it was all working correctly when I first assembled it. I wired it all up without cabling it neatly just to check that everything worked (and it did). Then I cut and cable-tied everything, and now this problem.
For the moment, just keeping the head near home before starting a print seems to mitigate it.


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Post by Rauno »

I have the same problem (experienced only on z axis). Did you find any solution yet?

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Maybe it´s a problem with the connector on the mainboard, you could try to resolder it.

Maybe it´s a problem with your board at all, I had i similar problem and after some mails to and from Guillaume, i got a new V3.0 board ( I had V2.1 before) which worked flawless.

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I had the same issues, I had 2.1 board and opto boards from V2 Felix. It seems to be more prevalent with hotbed or extruders on, aka some electrical noise, fix was to re-route my sensor cables, but I also swapped out one of my sensors and the combination of the two fixed my problem.

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You could also try this: Use a trimmer between the SIG - and GND - wires (something arround 10 k could work). Start at the highest resistance and measure the voltage between SIG and GND. Reduce the resistance until the voltage is as it should be, or until there aren´t false triggers anymore.

The trimmers pull down the signal voltage, depending on their resistance.

I didn´t try it myself yet, but that´s something I´ve already read about and that makes sense.

Be carefull when you do this, if you pull down the voltage to low, you´ll get no trigger anymore and your machine will crash into to mechanic endstops.

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