Lack of responsiveness from Guillaume?

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Re: Lack of responsiveness from Guillaume?

Post by cbensch »

One more "thumbs up" for Guillaume and his team from me. I have a warped print bed and sent Guillaume an email with my purchase receipt from Makezine here in the States. I day later I got an email saying I had a UPS Worldwide package on the way. Here in the States when there is a warranty replacement we have to pay for shipping to get a part. No shipping charge from Felix as far as I can see. NO complaints here! :D :D :D

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Post by Hugues »

same here, ordered the new hot end V4 on feb 15th, today i received it

thanks guillaume !

now i know why he's not responding to e-mails, he's too busy shipping the goods ! :-)
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by crazy1pilot »

I imagine the logistics of selling 3D printers is awful, there are so many parts need for each printer then there is software etc... The matter gets even more complected when there is only one guy behind the helm, but i have complete faith that what ever i need i will eventually receive it just may take a while.


Hans Spaan
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Post by Hans Spaan »

Here too, thumbs up for the Felix team. I just completed my Felix 3.0 kit. And had two issues. The first was a wrong Alu profile. After emailing, I had a response within a few hours. The other day a free replacement was shipped, which I received a day later. The second issue was a defective electronics board. A phone call on friday afternoon resulted in free a replacement board received on monday. Which is great, I think.

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Post by vivifyer »

Guillaume got back to me over the weekend, seems like my spools were forgotten about because of no stock at the time. A new order was created and should be shipped next week. :)

The wheels might turn slow, but they are turning.. happy to know I'll get them soon. woo

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Post by vivifyer »

spools arrived today :D

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