Felix 3.0 Dual nozzle calibration

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Felix 3.0 Dual nozzle calibration

Post by frankjoke »

Hi I received my preassembled Felix 3.0 Dual yesterday and it had one sheet of paper (actually showing a Felix 2.0) what you need to do to start it.

I got all run by try and error because for example in no manual I have seen for 3.0 it was mentioned how really to seup the things. I even got something which looks like a filament holder but I have no clue how to assemble it.

So documentation for sombody who want to buy a finished product which works (it took me 30 minutes to find out that I could not get Repetier to connect to the printer because I used wrong settings which I found only for another printer model but not for mine!)

So anyhow, it is is running and I can usi is currently as: Single extruder only!
The reasin is that the two extruders have nozzles where #2 is about 0,7mm above #1!

The paper says that I should adjust nozzle but I found nowhere on the web or in any document how I can adjust the extruders to the exact same level because #1 destroys all extrusions which #2 does when head moves above them :cry:

Dear Felix team, please describe some of these thing in documentation and add at least a link to the right manual to the printers!


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Post by ibkanat »

I would like to know how make these the same height as well.

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Post by frankjoke »

By addressing another issue I had 2day I resolved the problem.

First the other issue: The screws which leveled the bed became loose. I was trying printing a filament holder but the middle srew unsrewed itself and the level went up!

This made the left fan to crash with the printed object and move out of his screw/plastic fixing and lay down on the bed just pulled by the connection cable!

Because of that I had to unscrew the screws of the head and to look how big desaster was!

In this way I have seen that the two screws in front holding actually everything 2gether, the nozzles as well as the fans!

Luckily the fan/air attachment was not broken and I could srew it again onto the fan.

Now what I did to level the nozzles:
Before locking the two front screws completely I pulled down the nozzles as much as I could. Below the head I put a small peace wood (even and hard) on the bed and then moved up with the bed higher that the lower nozzles was pushed to the same hight than the other, then I fastened the screws of the head!

To avoid that the leveling screws move again I put another nut on it with a claping ring in between after leveling bed again. This seems to work now and the bed is stable now

You may do the same (both) to avoid my hard fact learning curve :)

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Post by frankjoke »

By the way, there is a new manual online for Felix 3.0 showing some more 'hints' and calibrations.

Thanks so far!

Anyhow, what I am anot happy with is that nozzles seem 'to move' and I need to calibrate both of them and Z-height nearly after every print! :(

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Post by CSP »


I had a similar effect with the "moving" nozzles.
I think the reason for this is that it not possible to tighten the clamps pushing the extruders against the x-slide (and holding the fans + airducts) enough.
Main reason for this in my opinion is that they are split in the middle, so there is no way to push/support them between the exdruders.
As a first fix I wrapped two layers of kapton tape around the extruder on the cylindric part between the cooling ribs and the peek part. I also removed the extruder cover fan thing. (I think it reduces the force the claps get pushed becaus the printed surface is not even enough for the screw heads) For some prints this worked quite well so far.

I also made a clamp thats not split in the middle, so it should distribute the force a little better.
The assembly is a little tricky but it should work. It should be printed in a way the trapeze-shaped holes point upwards. Thats also the way it should be assembled. I would recomend adding some washers between the airduct and the part because it's not thick enough.

I havn't tried to assemble it yet, so i'm not sure all the tolerances are ok.

edit: deleted the file, just found out at assambly there are some minor issues. I'll upload a newer version soon
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Post by frankjoke »

This would be interesting to see in function! With what material would you print it that it does not melt heated from hot ends?

p.s.: If it works it should be posted in the Hacks forum as well!

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Post by CSP »

Well, i've just recently started with all this 3D printing stuff and currently only using PLA. I think this should be no problem because all this is placed above the peek isolation parts. So it should not get really hot there.

Besides my nozzles seem not to be perfectly at the same hight I'll give the part a try the next few days.

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Post by d.herrendoerfer »

Hi, I got the nozzles height-aligned by placing two spacers under each nozzle, untighten the mount, and then, using repetierhost, to go down in 0.1mm steps until they touched.
While still in contact I tightened the mount screws each.
I took Z back down 0.1 and examined the gap.
Works fine.

I ran into a problem later on, that after turning the printer off and later back on the Z calibration had gone to rot. The nozzle touched the capton, ripping it.
I wonder if the dual mount is sensitive to heat.

Trying to level the nozzles by tightening them to the mount does not work !
The above method is ok for checking the height, but that's about it -
The two extruders I have (although I got them only 2 weeks apart) are about 0.3mm apart
measured from nozzle to the base of the heat spreader where it sits on the mount.
Also the mounts are a few hundreds apart.


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Post by hanscl »


I have been able to calibrate the dual nozzles on my Felix 2.0 by following these steps:
- Loosen the 2 screws on the front fan
- Manually move up the bed to until both nozzles are aligned (place a plastic card on the bed to avoid damaging the surface)
- Tighten the screws in that position

See this blog post for a detailed description with pictures: http://www.cubicity.com/blog/3d-printin ... 3d-printer

I do agree with others that it does require an occasional re-calibration but with this trick I have been able to consistently calibrate the dual-head.

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Post by jefstaes »

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