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Help eachother out with assembly problems.
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User Workshop

Post by jefstaes »

We just finished assembling the Felix 3.0 ... it was a great experience ... well explained ... is was like a giant 3D-Puzzle ... 8-) ... some scews were missing and some steps could be explained better ... but ... well done ... compliments to the Felix Pioneers ... we plugged it in ... did some calibration and the first 3D print came out ... but now we have some printing issues ...

Wat we miss now is ... 3D-Printing experience ... everything is new to us ... calibration, filaments, settings, maintenance, 3D drawing, hacks to improve ... but we are eager to learn ... so my questions are ...

1. is there someplace we can go for a half day workshop in becoming excellent printers ...
2. is someone passionate enough to give us user experience ... our office is in Tongerlo Abbey in Tongerlo, Belgium ...



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Post by b3dvisuals »

Contact the FabLab Dronten in the Netherlands. (If it isn't too far)

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Post by TintoLee »

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for FELIX users to share new developments, present research highlights, and discuss issues of interest to both the users and developers.

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Post by Makron »

Alot can be found on this forum.

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