Kisslicer strange results

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Kisslicer strange results

Post by frankjoke »

I just put a test file throgh Kisslicer and it gave me strange results:


The green was the input and the blue the result!
Lines are interuppted :(

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Post by andrewsi »

You're saying Kisslicer:
a) Shrank the input file to produce a physically smaller toolpath for some reason, and
b) produced gaps in the middle of the wall as part of the output file?

If so the only reason I can possibly think of for that is that you entered some scaling factor under All Models->Scale by X somehow.

Or is this a "this is what Kisslicer told it to print" and "the actual plastic came out too small and with gaps" problem? That'd be a whole different story, either really badly incorrect calibration, inadequate flow for the single wall test model, or something else.
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Post by DDME-Marc »

Hi Frankjoke,

KISSlicer does not require an STL file to be hollow in order to achieve a perimeter wall print. In essence by creating the hollow walls you may create a problems for the software.

I created a new solid model of the test piece (STL_TEST_2.STL file attached).

If you try the KISSlicer setting as per the picture attached you should achieve your desired outcome.


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Post by frankjoke »

Thanks for your information and STL file!

Andy, I shouted only on the gaps, there is no shrinking.

I sliced it with sfact and it worked there...


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Post by frankjoke »

Dear Kisslice users!
I realized that KS is always cutting some thin walls. I wanted to print flower and the leaves were too thin. Whatever I adjust in KS, there are ares where it does not print if wall is as thin or thinner than the perimeter (print width).

Slic3r is doing it right, at least printing minimal loops.

No clue and KS forum is down :(

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