Problem first layer and wall printing

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Problem first layer and wall printing

Post by Bitpower »

Hello everyone,
My first print on Felix 3.0

Slicer SFACT Std High quality no support (Felix).
Kapton tape (cleaned with acetone)
Height head table = paper layer

I can not print the bottom layer uniformly equal
There are always jobs of about 1cm rough and 1cm smooth, see photo.
Second problem are the hollow walls, see photo.
Third problem, cant remove support (normal quality full support)
Thanks for the help in advance.

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Post by Capella_Ben »

Is it continuously extruding or is it stopping and getting jammed (if only momentarily)? I painted stripes on the bearing that runs against the filament so you can see if it if turning.

If these are your first prints, high quality might not be the easiest. Try some on normal or draft.

Try taking a photo of the first layer problems while it is printing. It might show sow up something.
Felix 3.0 (upgraded from 2.0)

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