Initial axis calibration

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Initial axis calibration

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I have built my first Felix printer and have found the manual to be a little confusing and difficult to understand.

Can anyone clearly explain in detail how to calibrate the x axis, y axis and z axis.

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Z axis likely won't require any changes because the steps per mm of the threaded rod is pretty precise. however, X and Y will likely need slight tweaking, being belt driven. Personally, I think the best way is this: Download and slice the "Yaco" (Yet Another Calibration Object) from Thingiverse, slice it, and print it. Using a digital caliper, measure each axis of the completed object, and compare the value to the expected 60mm. Then run your result through this formula:

60/(measured length)*axis value found in the Control-Motion menu (e.g. 72.28 steps per mm). I made that last value up, but you should get the point. This process assumes you have the LCD display connected to read and modify these values. Otherwise you can look up codes M500 through M502 and do it from the PC.

This equation will give you a new steps/mm number to put in the firmware menu to replace the old value. Reprint a few layers of the calibration object and remeasure, but this time the final value to multiply by is whatever you have now set in the firmware, though, not the original value. The new object should be closer to the expected 60mm. You can repeat several times if needed to get closer to a perfectly sized object, but when the change from iteration to iteration is fairly minimal, within a few tenths of a millimeter kind of range, you probably have it good enough.

In order to save the calibration values in EEPROM so they are not forgotten when you turn off the power, you need to use the Write Memory option. Then the values will be saved across printer reboots.

You can also do the same process for E steps (extruder) by measuring the consumed length of filament for a given manual extrusion distance (e.g. 30mm) but I think you'll find the default firmware value for E is quite accurate for this direct-drive extruder design and doesn't need to be tweaked.
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