Hello, i need to contact support, but nobody answers me

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Re: Hello, i need to contact support, but nobody answers me

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Mr Guillaume, it's not at the office, and not what someone does not want to buy your printers. Another problem. Russia joined the WTO, and our government protects our economy by raising some of the slats on the importation of goods from abroad. And printers is one trillionth of all that is imported into Russia. Your problem is different - you don't have in Russia a single dealer, official. I do not see the problem officially clear the printer at customs. Your printer we sold in Russia by 2040 Euro. That is, you as the manufacturer of earning as much as the seller. Find the official dealer in Russia if you don't know whom to work, I can help you.

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How is the situation today?

I ordered mine a few days ago, i hope i don´t have to wait months for it ?!

(I`m living in Germany)

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Everything is ok now, i finally got my printer! Thank you!
Now i will try to assemble it.

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