Twicx Upgrades: Dual Extruder, Electronics and Z axis

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Twicx Upgrades: Dual Extruder, Electronics and Z axis

Post by twicx »

Hello all!

So I've now finally embarked on a fairly lengthy process to upgrade my 1.5. Upgrades include a Dual Extruder, a new RUMBA board, and an uprgaded Z axis in the form of a linear NEMA 7 motor. In anycase, I thought I'd post my progress here in case there's any upgrades that people want to do themselves or whatever.

The first thing I'm working on is the dual extruder. It's running on 2 x NEMA 11 motors with 5:1 Planetary Gearboxes, 2 x E3D V5 Hot Ends, 2 cooling fans for the hot ends, and 1 switchable one. So far, the only difficulty I ran into was that the motor shaft is 6mm, but trinity labs do a fillament drive gear with a 6mm bore, so no problem really.

The design of it is influenced by a few other extruders already out there, like the Micron one, the Felix 1.5 one (for the tension mechanism on the filament) and this one on shapedo ( ... _hotend_pr). So far, I've made 2 options, to see which works best, and next I'll be designing the plastic parts for them:

Option One (left) is to use the 40x40x10 fan to cool both hot ends, and then the two smaller 30x30x10 fans to cool the filament out of each extruder. Option Two (right) is a little trickier, but you'd have the two 30x30x10 fans cooling the hot end, and the 40x40x10 cooling the fillament (but in the picture, it'd be mounted lower) I think I prefer the first one to be honest!

Anyway, that's where things stand as is! I'll keep everyone posted with images/print files etc etc! Opinions, criticisms, comments and pints are all welcome! :P

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Post by Saamec »

All great! It would still different views, and fling the different textures in your model. The background can leave black))))

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Post by twicx »

Finally got a few hours this morning to make some progress.


So far, I have the position of all the parts of the extruder laid out, and some of the plastic parts designed, namely the twin-airduct, the arm to hold in the hot ends, and the adapted felix base connection piece. All i have left with the extruder is to work out the filament holding/feeding section, and the motor holder.

I also received my new Z axis motor. Such smoother movement with a linear threaded rod motor! So I'll have to design the new Carrier/Gantry next.

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Post by katie8789 »

Oh great!!!. Its new type of extrudes and I think it helps to work faster than the 3 D printer to design a part.

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Post by satoer »

How are you planning to micro-adjust the Z position of the extruder head so that both extruder nozzle's are exactly aligned with the bed?
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Post by DeluX »

Hello! It lloks great. How did you created this parts? I want to add a fan to my Felix 3.0 Double Extruder and I need the 3D models of them. Can you share this parts?

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