Anybody have a sense for lifetime of heaters/thermistors?

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Anybody have a sense for lifetime of heaters/thermistors?

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I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with, or thoughts on, the expected lifetime of the heater and thermistor used in the V4 hot end. (I assume they're probably the same as used in earlier heads, but as I have a Felix 3 I don't have any knowledge of the earlier models.) The system came with a spare thermistor but not a spare heater, so I'm wondering whether it's prudent to order a spare to keep around.

Also, since shipping time from EU->US is somewhat lengthy, I'm also curious if anyone knows of US sources for those parts. There seem to be lots of folks selling 12V-40W 6mm heaters that look like they're probably the same (or compatible with) the Felix heater, but I haven't seen any EPCOS-100K equivalent thermistors packaged in the steel cylinder - I took a look over the Digikey and Mouser inventory but didn't see anything like that.

Thanks all-
Andy Silverman, Technogeek in Seattle
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