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Re: Simplify3D Software

Post by Raleonh »

I'm still not sure if I will buy this software or not because I do not know if it will do what I want!
Can someone generate a Gcode for me to test in my printer to see if the cookie cutters come out like I want?
Sorry for the request!

Thanks in advance

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Post by Makron »

sure sent the stl to [email protected]

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Post by Van_Opstal »

I recently decided to purchase the Simplify3D Software. v2.2.0 is the current latest version.
I'm using it with a Felix 3.0 single extruder and a Printrbot Simple Metal.
I must agree that it's a bit pricy for slicing software, however I absolutely don't regret my purchase!
First of all the slicing speed is unbelievable fast.
Also, and that's one of the reasons I bought it, the support generation is very handy, I mostly used slic3r before, that also did a great job generating support, but manually adding and/or removing automatic generated support, like in funnels where you don't want them is in my case a big pro of this software.
I didn't tested it enough yet to tell if it gives better prints, but I can clearly notice it does not also slices faster, but also better, more logical travel moves and retractions, faster prints, and the support removes incredibly easy.
The standard settings for the Felix printers are also ready to go, and can easily be tweaked a litle to your preferences. I'm pretty happy with the repetier profiles provided with the Felix repetier host software too, but they need more tweaking in my case.
Whar's also realy great about this software is that you can set different slice options like layer heights fill in etc. for every object on your build plate.

Still it's a high price, but at least it is in my eyes very good quality you get for it... also the after sales support is very good.
I had some issues with the slicing preview after a recent update so I contacted support, and in less than 2 hours I already had a reply with the working solution to the problem.

I guess it depends on how much and for what you use your printer and what you're willing to invest in it (and your budget offcourse). But as a hobby and semi-professional user of 2 printers, I think it's worth the cost.

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Post by frankjoke »

I bought it once and gave it back (with refund) because I could not identify anything what I cannot do with Kisslicer (@ the moment 1.5beta, I paid for this and do not regret, use it 90% of time), Cura or

Can anybody tell me what the advantages of Simplify3D are? I could not find them out in the week I tried it.

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Post by jjlink »

Does anyone with Felix 3.0 and Simplify3D version 2.2.2 Software working with dual extruders working correctly? I seem to have an issue with the retraction messing up when it switches tools. It seems like its retracting too much between tool changes. Anyone have good settings for Simplify3D?
Felix 3.0 with E3D Dual direct drive extruder conversion. (
Software: simplify3d

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