Upgrade from bed 2.0 to sandwich bed 3.0

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Upgrade from bed 2.0 to sandwich bed 3.0

Post by temo »

I'm about to upgrade my bed to the new 3.0 sandwich bed and are having some thoughts I want to share.

I'm thinking of using some thin picture-glass as a changeable print-surface, so I've been thinking, should I put the kapton heater on top of the new 3.0 sandwich bed so i get the heat closer to the glass-plate and avoid heating up the underlying carriage? I probably will have to buy a new heater then, as the leads come out the middle on the stock heater from Felix.

What if i not glue on the heater at all but put it inverted down onto an 3 mm heat-barrier http://vangbo.no/index.php?route=produc ... uct_id=127 with cutouts for the leads an then just put the glass on top, hold down by some paperclips?

Or I could of course stick the heater to the old table and put it on top of the new as a heat spreader, but I would probably add to much weight and I would need some cornerbrackets to hold it all in place, I think.

Any thoughts on this?


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Post by andrewsi »

The 3.0 heater sticker has some pretty thick leads coming out of it in the middle, so I don't think it would do very well on the top of the bed sandwiched between the bed and a glass plate, you'd never get it to lie flat. Furthermore it heats almost entirely by direct conduction to the bed itself and does virtually nothing to heat the carriage underneath. I think you'd be fine using it as designed.
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