Extruder feed tension

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Extruder feed tension

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Hi There,

It seems the motor is slipping, and I can't find the right tension between totally loose en tightened until it "bobs". There is no end to the tight end of the tension, it feels like it going over a bump. Any tips and tricks?

Thanks Michel

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Post by andrewsi »

The right setting is typically reasonably tightened down on the screw so that the bearing is almost completely disengaged from your filament, then let it back in 1/4-1/2 a turn or so. In other words, the bearing does NOT need to have much pressure on the filament for the gear to get maximal grip on it, nor should it be so tight that it significantly deforms the filaments or digs big tooth marks in it. (Maybe just a tiny little bit.) If you hear actual clicks out of the extruder, that is typically a sign of the tension being too high. Tighten the screw down some more to loosen it up.

Have you measured the filament with a calipers to make sure it's reasonably close to the nominal 1.75mm? It's not unheard of to get bad filament that is a couple tenths too large (or too small), or which has swelled due to humidity.
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