PLA printing

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PLA printing

Post by Pietro6363 »

Hello I am new here so please be patient.
I got the Felix 3.0 with the dual extruder thinking to do the support with the water-soluble PVA, but I am not having much luck as I end up with a bunch of gobs and the PVA really does not want to stick.
Anyone know if there are good settings for temperature, speed etc that might improve things?

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Post by Makron »

I print it at 215 and at 30% speed , if you go to fast the pva wont stick to the bed and if the temp is nog high enough it wont flow correct.

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Post by johnnyTrademark »

How well does PVA stick to PLA? Would it help to put down a layer of PLA on the bed for the PVA to stick to?

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