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LCD & KISSlicer

Post by crazy1pilot »


I recently received and built my Felix 3.0, and I've have to say that I love this machine! Boy is it nice, the assembly instructions were very complete and I had all the parts required! The printer took 4 weeks and 1 day to be marked "complete" and another 3 days to arrive. It took be around 12-15hr to fully assemble it over a 3day period

I have a few questions though,

I have been using the SD car to print which works really well as my computer kept timing out and prints were freezing so SD card is a MUST!
I was wondering if it was possible to add "time remaining" on the display? it shows the % of the print completed but it would be nice if there was a count down timer that gave an idea of when the print will be completed. I assume you modify the firmware code and upload it via the Arduino updater?
I have tried many slicing programs as sli3er, SFACT, cura, etc.. and the one that works the best and has beautiful prints along with user friendliness is KISSlicer but the Start/End scrips are not very good, how do I change this?
For instance, with the start script there is no purging of the nozzle like with SFACT, cura, etc.. It just homes X,Y,Z like 3 times and then precedes to print and sometimes it takes a while for the filament to start squirting out, I would like it to run along X and do a few passes allowing the plastic to start coming out.
And the end script is also weird, after the print is complete, all the temps go to zero which is good, but the printer goes back to X,Y,Z, home and then drops down the Z to the height it finished at. Which is fine except if I were to print anything that was tall and close to 0,0,0 and it re-homes X,Y,Z at the end it will run into the print on the Z axis. All I want it to do is All temps 0 and then home Y but nothing else, this will move the print bed for easy access to the print after its finished.

Again, I am new to the world of 3D printing and cant figure out how to change any info on the LCD or how to modify the Start/End scrip on KISSlicer.


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Post by Dreide »

crazy1pilot wrote: [...]
how to modify the Start/End scrip on KISSlicer.
You can edit the scripts in "Prefix" and "Postfix" under the "Ptr G-code" tab. For the G-codes see
If you are not printing via SD-card, be aware that your host program, e.g., Repetier-Host, might run some commands in addition to your G-code (in Repetier-Host V0.90C, look into "Printer settings"/"Printer").
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Post by DDME-Marc »

Hi Crazy1,

I would hazard a guess that your KISSlicer postfix file has a G28 (home all axis) in it?

There is little value in using a G28 command at the end of a program, and would suggest you try something along the following:

G92 E0
G1 E-10 F2000
G1 X5.0 Y5.0 F7200
M104 S0
M140 S0

This would still turn off extruders, and move close to home in X and Y axis but leave the Z at its current height.

Also as Dreide has suggested I would recommend understanding basic G codes to ensure you have maximum control over tool paths etc.


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Post by frankjoke »

With Kisslicer you may add code which is executed on every layer.

If you put in therr
M117 <Z>z, <%>p

It would show on every layer what the Z-height is and how mayn % of the print was done already.

I use it this way (and I have even written a postprocessor which can do certain things at certain layers).

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Post by crazy1pilot »

Thank you everyone for you help!

I created a start and end G-code, the start G-code works pretty well, but the end G-code still homes all axis after it finishes printing with out any G28 in the code :evil: I havent looked in the actual code itself to see if there is a G28 command within the normal G-code.

End Script:

M140 S0 ; Cool the bed
M104 S0 : Extruder cool
G1 Y0 X0 F1600
G1 Z150 F1200


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Post by Vinculum »

Your end code looks good. But check your Deselect extruder code. There is a G28 in there too.

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