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Re: fluffy printing

Post by evanr »

Thanks seaton,

I think the problem is resolved, you were right - more tension.
I didn't think the glued extruder arm would take it but it held and I printed a perfect one to replace it.

parts are perfect, speed is fast... all is good, actually better than before!!

thanks all for help, much appreciated for your interest/attention.

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Post by seaton »

good to hear :)

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Post by evanr »

ok, this is good. more tension works, prints are good.

But, I'm noticing I have to constantly add more tension to the extruder arm.
Eventually I run out of tension, can't turn the bolt anymore..... it seems the extruder arm keeps getting slightly bent?

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Post by Hugues »

I also experienced this problem. I had a crack in the print head part where the tensioning screw enters first. The one just behind the washers.
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by hvdweerd »

wat is the condition of your extruder toothed wheel?

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Post by futcoinsboy »

Can you see for certain during printing that the filament is indeed feeding in at exactly the rate the motor attempts Fut Coins

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