Prnting this Circus Maximus model

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Prnting this Circus Maximus model

Post by joris »

I am completely new in 3D printing, but i have access to a Felix 2.0 printer.
For a school project, I would like to make a 3D print of the Roman Circus Maximus (see attached) image). I have it as a Google Sketchup of 42 Mb and as a STL file it's 523 Mb.

Could any of you give me an indication of:
- how long would it take to print the main object while it has length of 20 cm (8 inches) and approximately 5 cm (2 inches)?
- If my calculation is right, it would take 35 layers to print. Right?
- does detail matter, should i leave elements out to speed up the printing process?
- the design is very detailed from the inside, but doesnt need to be printed
- with the cheapest printing material, what would it cost?

I look forward to your comments!
Thank you,
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Post by andrewsi »

I would suggest that you try modeling a small piece of this first, and then make some test prints to get a sense for the appropriate level of detail, and the time it will take before trying to go all-out and print the entire thing.

Tall pillars can be tricky particularly if they have a small footprint on the bed, getting them to stay stuck as they grow can sometimes be difficult unless you print the first layer with a "brim" of several extra perimeters in order to give the piece more bed to stick to. Pretty much all slicers have an option for that, but given all the tiny columns in the exterior of the model I think this could be a source of frustration otherwise.

Typical prints can be done at 0.1, 0.15, or 0.2cm per layer, so you're right it will be a fairly small number of layers overall, but it appears that there will be quite a bit of detail in each, even from the outside.

Cost shouldn't be much, PLA is around USD30-40 per kilogram, and a kilogram goes a LONG way, you could probably print a hundred of these without changing rolls.
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Post by t800 »

my 2 cents for what is worth,
The model is amazingly well detailed, for me it seems way to complex to print at 20 by 5 cm and retain any kind of detail.

Is your project about 3d printing ?
Or about the circus maximus itself ?

If your project is about the circus, remember the model will be relatively small , undetailed an in a single color.
If you still want to do it , because 3d printing is hot, make sure you have a backup plan if this goes west. (posters, slides, animations, the famous chariot race clip from the movie "Ben Hur", if thats not to violent)

If the project is about 3d printing you sure took a tough model to print.
As you say, the interior is way to detailed to be printed at that scale. Those fish would be unrecognisable. So you would first have to do some sort of detail reduction.
As to the number of layers. To get any kind of detail i would go with 0.1 mm layers.
Gestimating the height at about 2 cm (if the model is 5 cm wide) that would mean more in the balpark of 200 layers.

If the project is about 3d printing an not about the circus itself, how realist needs the model to be ? Does it need to be the correct number of pillars and windows ect ?
I would maybe look for a simpeler model. ... s-1746781/
lol , minecraft is even hotter then 3d printing ..... A 3d printed minecraft model ......
But again you have to think away the texture an colours.

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