My printer got light!

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My printer got light!

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I added a RasPi with Octoprint and RaspiCam to my printer to control it wireless via network instea connected to my PC or laptop.

I realized there was not enough light in the room to see the printer working via steaming video or top create a timelaps via OctoPrints feature.

Anyhow, I ound in cellar some 12V LED stripes and aluminium cases I used when refurbishing living room to indirect ligning.

I created a holder (violet) for my aluminium stripe holder (50cm long) to snap into the Felix.

See SCAD (or STL) file:
Many parts which clip into Felix base....
(3.66 KiB) Downloaded 65 times
The result is shown here (you see also RasPi + Camera):
Felix 3.0 with LED light and PasPi+Camera
Felix 3.0 with LED light and PasPi+Camera
p.s.: I did not use any screws for RasPi (blue), Camera or LED light...

The stripe was 12V and the Raspi needs 5V. So I am thinking now to use Felix's power supply for them. As I bough a finished printer I would like to ask here if anybody attached some other devices using Felix power supply?

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