Temp fail

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Temp fail

Post by reyntjensm »

Hey guys,

I only have my printer for a few hours and now i can't print any more.
It gives a default that the MIN TEMP is reached.
I have tried to test the extruder thermistor by plugging it in to the heated bed gate.
When i started up the software i couldn't see the temperature of my bed anymore, i also couldn't heat the bed.
What should i do now?
I have a dual extruder and both extruder's won't work.
I hope you guys can help me out

EDIT: now all of my temperatures are 0
EDIT2: i updated the dual extruder firmware and now repetier says temp sensor extruder 0 and heatbed are defect

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Post by satoer »

You can't print any more? So you could print before? Unlikely both thermisters broke at the same time.
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