FELIX 1.5 (user manual, information and upgrades)

In here you will find news posted officially by FELIXprinters.

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FELIX 1.5 (user manual, information and upgrades)

Post by gfeliksdal »

After a lot of feedback and comments for Felix 1.0 from several users, we've made a next big update. FELIX 1.5!

The official pictures still have to be made but here is an CAD impression of the printer
Felix 1.5 overview.png
Felix 1.5 extruder.png
Felix 1.5 electronics.png
The benefits compared to previous design are:
  • New linear bearings. These are amazingly stiff and have virtually no friction. This results in the following
    • Significantly improved printquality compared to FELIX 1.0.
    • Circles are round without any further tuning.
    • Increased positional accaracy due to less play and friction.
    • Corners are razor sharp.
  • New extruder design. A lot less bolts and nuts. Easier removal of hot-end for maintenance by means of a hinged door.
  • New electronics housing. This part is now 5 in 1. So a lot less bolts and nuts, which results in less assembly time. Also cables are much easier to cleanly work away.
  • Big fork of z-axis has hexagon holes to keep the bolts in place during assembly. No more fiddling with tweezers to keep it in place.
  • Ability to print with rubber like filament!! The new extruder design is able to handle this flexible material. Felix 1.5 is one of the few printers on the market now who can print it without hacking your printer.
For Felix 1.0 users we will provide an update package as soon as possible in the webshop.

Please download the new user manual.
(7.88 MiB) Downloaded 200 times
UPGRADES of FELIX 1.5 (rev B)
New electronics case
This is a new electronics case for the ramps electronics. It has the following benefits:
  • Much better cooling. The fan is now directly blowing cool air on the hottest components. During testing we forgot to place the heatsinks on the stepper drivers, but no skipped steps were experienced.
  • It is easier to assemble, less bolts required, just click in the fan.
  • More space to guide cables.
  • The lid doesn't wobble anymore.
  • Electronics can be placed in more firmly
New electronics case
New electronics case
Gcode files:
Electronics case Base
(1.04 MiB) Downloaded 222 times
(1.57 MiB) Downloaded 186 times
X-axis belt holder
Based on Kjetilei's design, we've created a new belt holder. It results in a x-axis stroke of 255mm instead of 235. It also has less friction because the washers are able to turn along when the belt is touching.
x-axis_belt holder.png
x-axis_belt holder2.png
Gcode files:
x-axis belt mount v6 F1_5_export.zip
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Post by Geertjan »

Hi Guillaume.
Any idea's about the costs of this update package? Do you also plan to provide the printed parts. Your printed parts look way better than my prints. ;-)

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Post by suraki »

Wow, new linear ball bearing set! :o
Maybe this will be the end of my backlash misery. :D
I cant wait the upgrade pack in the webshop!

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Post by danielkschneider »

Glad to see that you now also officially sell an assembled version :)

Maybe you could announce that option a bit bigger on your main page. An extra 400 Euros is nothing for people who do have either a good salary or an institutional budget. The 1.0 one I got from you printed out of the box and that is an argument :)

Btw. you might have included this steel z-axis connector in the system I am using now. It costs only 7 Euros retail price. See http://www.felixprinters.com/forum/view ... ?f=14&t=71

- daniel

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Post by rs200 »

I'm new to this topic and just looking for the printer that fits best to my needs.
I already visited this page some days ago and saw the 1.0 E model. Now this model has been announced.
Comparing the specs I recognized that the build area has been reduced to 235mm (previous 260) at the x axis?
Whats the reason for this?


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Post by suraki »

1. hard to precise leveling the left end, because the relatively big overhang from the middle support...easier setup, better print quality
2. smaller size means quicker heat up and higher top temperature on plate...quicker and better for ABS printing
3. 30*24 it's the standard photoframe size this means easy to buy a glass plate over it...easier maintenance, better first layer, better print quality
This is just my theory.

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Post by svake »

Hi Guillaume,

I had some hard times setting the 1.5 printer up without the instructions which were posted here recently (but to late for me), but I found my way. What I do not find is the correct firmware for the printer. Is it still Marlin RC2_Felix_1_0_RevD_v3? Because if so, then I have a problem with the upload through arduino:

Error during compilation:
core.a(main.cpp.o): In function `main':
D:\Downloads\arduino-1.0.1-windows\arduino-1.0.1\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/main.cpp:11: undefined reference to `setup'
D:\Downloads\arduino-1.0.1-windows\arduino-1.0.1\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/main.cpp:14: undefined reference to `loop'

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Post by Kjetilei »

Hi svake.

The firmware I use is Marlin RC2_Felix_1_0_RevD_v3.

I know too little about Arduino environment to help you with the error you're getting but maybe someone else on the forum can help or you can find an answer on the net since this most likely is not a Felix specific problem.

Could it be an Arduino version problem? I think I have read about that before either for Reprap firmware or for the multicopter firmware MultiWii where the users could not use the latest version of Arduino... I might lead you on a wild goose chase with this one tough...

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Post by svake »

Ok, I found the problem. Because of the wrong position of the reset switch hole the switch was pressed. I made the hole bigger and now it works.

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Post by satoer »

I've posted a lot of pictures of the new Felix 1.5 printer in this thread:
Felix printer 1.5: Pictures, Problems, Solutions and upgrades

My Felix 1.5 printed designs on Thingiverse
E3D V6 Hot end upgrade for your Felix
Tweezer bracket for your Felix
Led bar upgrade for your Felix

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