FELIX 1.5 (user manual, information and upgrades)

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Re: NEW: FELIX 1.5 (user manual, information and upgrades)

Post by dognotdog »

I printed the new v1.5b electronics case, and while much better than the previous versions, I still have a few complaints:
1) the arduino board sits too close to the PSU for comfort. I managed to cause a temporary short with the PSU case somehow.
2) a little more vertical space would be useful for the cabling.
3) Since the cabling is pushing up, the top part doesn't really want to stay in place. Maybe some better snap mechanism is needed?

Apart from that, looking good! The replacement parts now come out of my printer with the same or even slightly better quality than parts from Guillaume :)

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Post by felix »

I just installed the upgrade and I'm very happy with it! I'm happy to see that basically all the complaints I had a year ago have been fixed in the meantime! great work! And the new bearings are a thing of beauty :)
Speaking of which: Are those supposed to be greased or have some maintenance occaisonally? I put in a tiny bit of teflon ball bearing grease before putting them in...

Backlash is now definitely below what I can measure with my calibration piece, so I deactivated the plugin. Do you generally just use 0 lash now?

I'm not sure I find the new extruder a significant improvement, the spring mechanism basically doesn't move on mine because the arm is wedged in between the screw and the bottom plate, but the extruder works, so I won't complain much.
The new transparent blue is unfortunately also IR transparent...

Anyway, print quality positively awesome now, without fiddling with axis tension. Well worth the money for the upgrade, keep up the great work Guillaume!

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Post by gfeliksdal »

@ dognotdog: Thanks for the feedback. I've changed the snapping back to normal screw mounting. I'll update the files shortly.
1) Haven't experienced that before, Do some pins stick out farther from others?
2) How much more do you need? I wanted to keep it as low as possible to shorten the printtime
3) That should not be a problem anymore, with the screws.
Please show me a picture of your quality prints, I would like to take on the challenge :)

@felix: Thanks for the kind words! It made my day :)...I indeed turn off the lash plugin. Not sure what the maintenance schedule is for the guides. I've asked the supplier, so I'll get back on that. I've been printing for a while with the new bearings, but not once I've applied any new grease. They still sound and look like new.

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Post by felix »

After some use I have one complaint after all: The axle of the Y-axis stepper started touching the side of the x-Axis stepper on the first few layers. There was quite a bit of abrasion there after a few nights of printing. I think the entire holding bracket of the X stepper stretched a bit. Maybe I tensioned the pulley too much, but with the awesome bearings it is now quite hard to tell how much is too much. I pulled it back with a zip-tie for now, but it's not a pretty solution.

Have you considered a holding bracket that reaches around the wide beam and/or has more contact points with the frame?

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Post by gfeliksdal »

I've uploaded an updated manual, which includes the latest revised parts.

@felix: I've tought about it, but there is not that much space left. You must have placed quite some tension on the belt for it to deform that much. Maybe I can make the bracket more robust so deformation will be limited even at higher belt tensions.

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Post by matteej »

I have just downloaded and installed "Repetier-Host for FELIXPrinters v0.83".
Great update on the slicer usability & setup process!

Also: could you maybe add support to "Electonics_case_F_1_5_v3_base_export.gcode"?

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Post by maoz »

Trying to make electronics case base for v1.5 but unsuccessfully. Walls are too poor the strings wont stics to each other really well. Is it possible to put here more robust base case gcode file?

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Post by TyRGeN »

I may not be in the correct sub forum, if it is the case please excuse me in advance.

I have two questions :

1/ I own a felix 1.5 which i am proud of, but i would like to upgrade to Felix 3.0 with dual extruders.
the upgrade kit to felix 2.0 is no more available on the web site (there is only an upgrade for the control panel).
Will it be replaced by an upgrade to Felix 3.0 ?

2/ I am VERY VERY interested in getting the upgrade to Felix 3.0 i mean :
new flat bed, dual extruders, LCD, and new felix board (and maybe upgrade to the all metal Bowden extruder ) but my actual hot-end peek isolation part is broken.
Can I ask somebody to print out the needed part for me ?


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Post by 3dhuynh »

In case anyone need it
Here is the .STL file for Felix 1.5 Extruder Arm V4
(64.93 KiB) Downloaded 104 times

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