Cable Management

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Cable Management

Post by seaton »

I needed to tidy up my cables down the back of my printer as it was a ratsnest after making some changes plus it doesn't help in that it all doesn't fit into the extrusion channel running down the left into the controller, especially with a second extruder.

I've started using cable management tubing with a split down it sourced from local hardware store, and use these to keep things tidy, these work great and I can just slip it over the cables without having to unconnected everything.

As I work my way down the back I see the need for a couple of different ones to those I've already done so will add them as I go.

They're now online at thingiverse
photo 4.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 1.JPG

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Post by dext0rb »

I saw this on Thingverse last night and added it to my list of things to make. Great idea and looks great!

Does anybody know if you can 3D print the plastic strip that snaps into the extrusion channel to hide the wiring? I mean, I bet you could...I guess I'm asking if anybody has a model already. :lol:

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Post by bill.gertz »

Hey Seaton,

Just created a parametrized version of your cable cover (cable management). As I added a inductive proximity sensor to my Felix 3.1 the cable bundle grew to big to fit in a 16mm diameter hole. Now you can generate the cable covers for most extrusion sizes (10 to 40mm) and any hole size you desire.

It can be found on Thingiverse

Thanks for the inspiration, and hope you find it useful.

BTW I'm in the rewiring stage on the Felix 3.1 so no news on bed leveling yet, but stayed tuned. Updates will include a sensor holder integrated into the Fan Cover, wiring the sensor and code changes.


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