heated bed mounting

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heated bed mounting

Post by Enno »

Hi everyone!
Due to the problem, that the crinkled washers used at the heated bed slip very easy and accordingly the time-consuming leveling of the heated bed might be done again, I improved the mounting a little.
I decided to use a spring instead of the (crinkled) washers. However, the spring alone slips again, so I designed a small spring-holder.
The actual layout is as follows:
- M4x30 countersunk bolt
- heated bed
- large washer
- M4 nut
- spring
- spring-holder
- rail or plastic part
- washer (a large one for the rail, small one for the plastic parts)
- M4 nut

I have attached the .stl-file and a technical drawing of the spring-holder.

Some details of the spring:
length: 28.5 mm
diameter: 10.5mm
wire strength: 1mm
spring constant: approx. 1.5 N/mm

You can buy this spring e.g. at conrad.com (search for order number 889241 or use the link).
http://www.conrad.com/17305-5-pressure- ... 41_1514011

Another improvement is, that if you accidentally hit the extruder with the heated bed for whatever reason, the bed can yield a little more than before.
New design
New design

added a photo, were you can see the problems, i had before:
old design
old design
technical drawing
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spring holder stl-file
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Post by satoer »

Hi Enno,

Neat solution, but I have to say that I don’t have these misaligned crinkled washer problem. Maybe I’ve screwed it tighter that the crinkled washers don’t misalign?
But it definitely looks much more professional this way ;)
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Post by Kjetilei »

I have nothing bad to say about the spring design but have never experienced a problem with the crinkled washers.

We could design a "sleeve" that contains the washers (a cylinder). It would be something like the base of the spring version only extending higher up. Actually that would be a neat feature when/if you have to disassemble the bed from the base. The cylinder could be separately printed to avoid having to redesign the plastic mount.

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Post by Kjetilei »

Hope I don't "spam" this thread by linking to the sleeve for the crinkled washers: http://www.felixprinters.com/forum/view ... p?f=9&t=98

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Post by franchute260 »

HI, i did the same, it s good idear, easier to level bed, and more stable

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