SFACT and overhangs?

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SFACT and overhangs?

Post by Trnquill »

I just started printing and I'm using Repetier-Host with SFACT. I've heard Slic3r is better than SFACT but since Felix has ready made configuration for SFACT I like to start with that. I have a problem with overhangs.

The part looks like this: http://fotoni.org/kuvat/ohjaussilmukka.jpg I'm printing it so that is lays on it's side (look like O from the top) and the first few layers of the inside circle gives me headache. As you can see the inside of the circle has a rounded edge. The radius of the edge fillet is 5mm. The fillet has obviously quite large overhang on the first layers and these get messed up every single time. No wonder, the second layer of inside wall of the circle gets printed on top of nothing! In other words the overhang on that line is greater than width of one filament strand. I know there is some kind of setting for better handling the overhangs and/or generating supports in SFACT but I can't seem to be able to enable it. I have already enabled RAFT and disabled "add raft" or something under it but I still don't get any support for my overhang. The overhang angle in RAFT setup is set to 45 degrees.

How can I activate support for overhangs in SFACT?

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Post by Kjetilei »

Hi Trnquill.

Would it be possible to redesign the base from rounded to an angled wall around 45 degrees? That way you would not need any support structure that needs cleaning up.

If not you could use Guillaume's "Production exterior support" profile to get some support structures and maybe experiment with the settings under Raft. E.g. Interface/Support Lines Density (ratio) setting. Alternatively you could also implement the support into the design for full control of where the support goes - might be better than automatic support due to the object being a circle.

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