Dual Extruder can you Switch them in software

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Dual Extruder can you Switch them in software

Post by tekadept »

I am just wondering if its possible with a dual extruder to in the software somehow switch which one is extruder 0?

The reason being, after running ABS through one of the heads It just CONSTANTLY jams with PLA no matter what I do or how much I run through it, so I am thinking one head will be ABS, the other will be PLA. To make things simple with the slicer it would be good if I just have extruder 0 and slice all on that, but somehow in the firmware, I fake it so the second extruder is used, without having to change slicer settings etc if that makes sense?

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Post by frankjoke »

I use Kisslicer and made me a second printer profile for using other extruder.
Actually I have a single profile for left, another one for right and a dual profile!

Another way is to write a small Python preprocessor for gcode and change the 'T0's to 'T1's (what I do with Cura).

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