Very easy and fast Z-Axis adjustment modification

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Re: Very easy and fast Z-Axis adjustment modification

Post by gta06 »

Tried it, very nice!

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Post by Caelum »

Looks good! May have to add it to my printer shortly...

And another Aussie felix user checking in :)

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Post by agentmulder »

Gidday cobbers!

Wish I had found this about an hour ago... My original part broke - deformation of the 'hinges' over time obviously leads to failure.

Manually set home and removed the G28 line in the G-code to print the new part, with a mind to design my own replacement afterwards, but here it is - very nice ;)

Personally I would have put the sensor on the frame - why send electronics to moving parts if you don't need to? - and had a solid (but replaceable, if need be) light blocking part on the Z-axis. Keep the adjustment on the frame/sensor. But that would be a hassle to extract the sensor from the spirawrap etc...

(Melbourne local btw)

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Post by agentmulder »

Also just noticed the cable tray/guide you're using - much better than the squish situation up the alloy profile slot ;)

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Post by GGY »

Hi Ag-mulder,
FYI, I'm still in the process of optimizing the moving wiring. Once done I will post the mod. (including pluggable print head cables for easy maintenance).
Cheers George

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Post by frankjoke »

Hey, great GGY!

I just printed & installed it. Realized that the optical sensor is also loose (I put some other screws in to fix this, the ones I got with the pre-built 3.0 seemed to be too small) and I had to warm up and bend the 'flag' to fit it into the opto sensor...

Oh yes, I found all parts I needed in my cellar, the screw is 60mm long but an additional nut helped to make the difference :)

Great work GGY!

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Post by pozzy »


GGY thanks for this superb mod, I love it, it works a treat on my Felix 2.0, just in time too my Z-Axis vane has just died! Many thanks for sharing.

Regards Pozzy

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Post by Warbalock »

Nice one !! , even with a nice installation manual :) very good work !!

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Post by guyverchaz »

Very nice. I was having trouble with the original not returning to true after adjustment and this fixed it nicely. I printed it in natural PLA and had to run a black marker over the flag to make the sensor notice it. The additional parts were readily available at Lowes here in Michigan. Here you see it installed and working. Thanks!!
Z-Axis Flag Printed and Installed
Z-Axis Flag Printed and Installed

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Post by kerog »

Where did you get the spring you use? I'm in the USA, and my hardware store doesn't carry anything like it. It seems the spring is critical, as generally the process would be to lower the knob by tightening the screw and then gradually loosening it. If I understand the design correctly, the spring has to provide enough force to move the flag up as you loosen the screw.


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