Very easy and fast Z-Axis adjustment modification

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Re: Very easy and fast Z-Axis adjustment modification

Post by kerog »

Ah, never mind. I found an appropriate spring at Home Depot. Works great, thanks for the terrific upgrade!

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Post by GGY »

Hi all,
Thanks for your positive feedback.
I'm very happy that my mod works great for you all.
Cheers GGY / George

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Post by tomasf »

Thanks George for sharing this mod.
Works perfect !

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Post by proteomation »

nice mod will give it a try from another aussie Felix user based in Sydney.
Thanks for the post!

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Post by cbensch »

Printed and installed! Nicely done!

I made the knob a little different but still, a really wonderful mod. Thank you!

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Post by michael.ecker »

Awesome Part! Thanks! Works great!

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Post by Adapt »

Really appreciate the upgrade.
For whatever reason the pdf manual you originally uploaded seems to be corrupt. Could you (or someone else) possibly check and upload a working pdf if the original is indeed corrupt?
Many thanks.
(Also from Sydney AU)

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Post by ElektrOpa »

Seems to be also useful for me as I also have problems with the adjustments.
I downloaded the files, but with the Knurdeled knob v2.STL and the pdf file I'm having problems. When I open the knob STL file I just see nothing (3d STL Viewer, 123D Design) an the pdf file gives an error message, that it is defect or incomplete. The later also happens when I try to open it within the Firefox browser.
Could you please check the files and eventually upload them again. Thanks in advance.

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Post by bazis »

same issue, pdf and knob is corrupted.

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Post by ElektrOpa »

Thanks for sharing!
I have problems with opening the pdf. Acrobat says that it is damaged or not complete. Could you please try it yourself and eventually post it again.
Thanks in advance.

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