Hot end dead, What Heater Catridge

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Hot end dead, What Heater Catridge

Post by tekadept »

It appears my hot end of my Felix 3 has suddenly stopped heating up, I have a feeling it must be the cartridge as the thermistor still reports the temp.

The cost of the replacement isnt to bad, but the cost of shipping is pretty pricey making it uneconomical.

I am looking on ebay and i can get a heater catridge for $3 delivered, but unsure if it would fit, what is the size /sepcs of the felix catridge? the ones on ebay are

Type: Cartridge Heater
Voltage: 12V
Power: 40W
Material: Stainless steel
Core: Ceramic
Diameter: approx. 6mm
Length: approx. 20mm

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Post by seaton »

I think most heater cartridges aka resistors are 12V/40 watt as long as the diameter is ok I would think it ok

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Post by Saamec »

Felix has a diameter heater 5.6 mm, and what is sold - 6 mm, But I don't think that is the problem. You can always caught in a vise and drilled)))

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Post by tekadept »

For what its worth i fixed the problem, the heater catridge is crimped onto the cable, turns out the wire had broken at teh crimp, i soldered it back on and working find. when i can make it to shops will get another crimp connector to do it properly yay.

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