manual control max temp above 400 Celsius

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manual control max temp above 400 Celsius

Post by rapid3dhu »

Dear All,

We are hacking a Felix with:
20140216 - FIRMWARE - Repetier 0.91 - FELIX_3_0_SINGLE extrusion

We have to increase the extruder temperature to 450 Celsius.
We had a new thermistor, all-metal hotend, all measurements are OK, we made a new TempTable for it.

It works well after 2 weeks calibration, but we have only 1 problem:
In the Repetier Host Manual Control window (HEAT EXTRUDER BUTTON) we cannot set larger TEMP for Extruder1 than more than 400 degs. If we type more, it umps back to 400, and the arrow settings are don't work.

These are set:
#define MAXTEMP 450

and I cannot find more settings related to this project.

Anybody has an idea?a

Thank you very much

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Post by dognotdog »

You probably need to take it up with the repetier host software, not the firmware.

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