SD card inserted SD init fail

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SD card inserted SD init fail

Post by Dmarquee »

Just installed the dual extrusion firmware.
When connecting the printer with the repetier host it hangs giving me:
SD card inserted
SD init fail
SD card inserted
SD init fail
SD card inserted
SD init fail

On and on, so nothing works. And i don't have a SD card inserted!
Anyone having the same problem?

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Post by andrewsi »

Sounds like the firmware setting for the SD card detection may have its polarity inverted. Check the configuration_adv.h, or configuration.h, somewhere in there is a setting that controls the SD card detection line and whether high or low represents that the card is inserted.

The other possibility, depending on what firmware you had installed before, is that you need to clear out the EEPROM and let the firmware restore its "stock" settings - installing new firmware usually leaves the EEPROM contents alone but if you're switching from Marlin to Repetier or something like that, the values will not be what the new firmware expects. Sending an M502 will restore the current firmware's idea of the defaults, then follow it up with an M500 to write them back to the EEPROM.
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Post by Hugues »

same problem here after my dual extruder firmware upgrade.

I fixed the problem by inserting a SD card, then the message changes to SD card removed.
But i would like to fix this properly. The configuration.h file shows this
#ifndef SDSUPPORT // Some boards have sd support on board. These define the values already in pins.h
#define SDSUPPORT 1
#define SD_EXTENDED_DIR 1 /** Show extended directory including file length. Don't use this with Pronterface! */
#define ARC_SUPPORT 1

Any idea which modification i should make ?
Regards from Switzerland

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