Power resistors?

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Power resistors?

Post by twicx »

Hello all,

I need more heat to the bed so I can print in ABS. my heatbed maxes out around 70C which is about 15-20 short for good ABS prints. So I've been looking at upgrading the resistors to generate more heat. Now the stock ones are 15W 4R7 Arcol ones in parallel. I was kinda surprised that they were only 15W rated, but I guess the bed is a giant heatsink. So I just happened to have 4 x 2R2 15W arcol ones. So what do you guys reckon? Straight swap?

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Post by frankjoke »

Look at http://forum.felixprinters.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=820
I just isolated the bottom of the bed and can reach now 95-100° (I should not have window next to printer open if it's outside <25 degrees)

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