Which tools do i need to print?

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Which tools do i need to print?

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I´ve been thinking about buying myself a 3d-printer for a while now and compared different printers. After all I´ve read, the Felix printer should offer the best quality for the money.

My question is: What kind of tools or stuff do I need to run this printer ?

I´ve already read the assembly instructions (DIY-kit), so I know what tools i need for this part, but there`s some more I need, right?

- What do I use best to remove the printed model from the bed ? A spatula?
- It´s recommended to clean the filament from dust while printing. Do you use normal sponges for this? Maybe hold in a printed holder?
- What do you use to clean the printing bed? Does it really have to be alcohol or can I use something like glass cleaner for this?
- What kind of coating do you use for the bed? Kapton tape? How much of it is delivered in the DIY-kit of the Felix 3.0? What else do you use?

What else do I need?

I have almost no tools at home so it would be great if you could give me some tips what i need.

And something else I´d like to know: How reliable is the Felix 3.0? How much does he print before something breaks ?
I read terrifying stories about the Makerbot Replicator which only does a few prints before something breaks!

Can I let the Felix print unobserved for a few hours (maybe using a filament holder) ?

I´m really new to the 3d-printing-business, so please forgive some stupid questions ;)

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First, your questions aren't stupid... a lot of us have asked them at one point or another.

I built a Felix 2.0 from a kit a couple of months ago, having no prior experience with other machines. Everything you need can be found on these forums, if you're willing to do some searching. As for my experiences, I've been printing almost daily since I assembled the machine, and the common tools I've needed are as follows:

A good set of allen wrenches. You would be amazed at how quickly things come loose, even after a good tightening. Make it a habit to regularly give the machine a once over and keep everything tightened.

Rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth. To be honest, I haven't tried anything else, and I don't necessarily wipe the kapton down between every print, but when I use it, it works. No need to get creative there.

Sponges, yes, I'm using a small piece of dense sponge, I think it was originally intended for cleaning grout or something, but I had it lying around. As long as it's dense it should do a good job. There is a sponge holder that someone on this forum posted a while back, it was one of the first things I've printed and it works great.

As for removing the prints, no special tools are needed. Just patience. Once the print bed cools, your print will almost jump off. The only thing I had trouble with were some flat round coasters, but even then, once I let the bed cool down long enough, it was a snap.

I've only printed on the Kapton tape provided with the printer. I haven't used but half of the roll it came with, and at this rate, it should last me a while. I don't know how many kapton sheets ship with the 3.0 printer now, but I'm sure it'll be enough to get you through your first couple of mistakes and then some.

Good luck on your new endeavor. It really is an awesome and rewarding hobby. Feel free to ask whatever questions come to mind (after a quick search though) ;)

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Thanks for the fast answer.

It´s great to have a responsive community. :D

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