t-Glase and Bridge printing speed

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t-Glase and Bridge printing speed

Post by Capella_Ben »

Who out there is printing in Taulman T-Glase?

I have had mixed success with it. My Felix 2.0 seems to have a lot of trouble pushing it through the hot end. It is constantly slipping and failing to extrude. The only way around it is to slow the speed down. However I can now only print it down at a pitifully slow speed.

I sliced my model with a speed of 25mm/s, but that failed at 100% and 80% feedrate. I am now printing at 60% feedrate.

I can't really print bridge at all, it just won't go through the hot end. ABS, PLA and Arnitel all print fine. In fact I can print Artinel much more successfully.

Is anyone else having similar problems?
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Post by seaton »

I haven't used this filament yet but a similar one and found that I had to lower the extrusion speed in the slicer for the filament I was using. Seemed to resolve all my problems

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Post by danielkschneider »

Capella_Ben wrote:Who out there is printing in Taulman T-Glase?
I did not have time for trying it on a Felix 2. What I found for the Felix Pro 1 is that it prints very well under the following conditions:
- using a filament spooler
- 125% extrusion
- slow base speed of 30mm/s ! Very slow speed for the first two layers, 25% of that.
- 0.25 layers (or bigger)
- 30% infill (that is likely too much, but from my 5-year-long experience, extruder jams happen most often with low infill because there is not enough bonding to pull the filament)
- 250 C, 70 C for the printbed.

Details (but at some point I may split this article)
http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/Felix_Pr ... er#T-Glase

- Daniel
PS: I also got Bridge Nylon and will try that later.

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