Felix 3 Dual: LCD Unit goes blank/stops responding

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Felix 3 Dual: LCD Unit goes blank/stops responding

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Hi all,

So here's an odd one for you, that i'm hoping someone else has come across and may be able to assist myself with.


1) Turn on printer, prepare it to print... Heat up extruders/print bed etc...
2) Select file to print from the SD card slot, using either Repetier SD card manager or from within the LCD unit and knob.
3) Have a need to cancel the job for some reason - Lets say i need to recalibrate Z height as an example.
4) Cancel the print using the LCD interface, rehome the printer on x/y/z axis as needed.

Now somewhere between stop 2 and 4, the LCD interface gets *really* laggy, stops updating what is on the screen (but controls still work, just that you don't know what you're controlling because you can't see it).

5) Turn off the printer, turn it back on - Standard IT helpdesk procedure ("Have you turned it off and on again?")
6) When printer turns back on, all characters on the LCD display are just solid boxes... No text, no welcome to felix message, no information shown at all. This is the case again even after restarts/power cycles, etc. The printer is still fully manageable over USB, just that nothing is shown on the LCD screen at all.
Now the fix:

Yeah, not really a fix, but a workaround that's a right pain in the backside.

Reflash the repetier firmware onto the printer using the Arduino IDE, and then when that is done, power cycle the printer (if you don't power cycle it, it only shows the blank LCD still).

Now it'll work perfectly fine again, showing the welcome messages, displaying statistics about the temperatures/etc as normal, as designed... Until you decide to play around with SD printing again.

Does anyone have any ideas? Any thoughts on where the issue may be? And most importantly, someone with more experience than myself with arduino - what would reflashing the firmware/steps back onto the board actually be doing that would fix the problem *after* a power cycle?

I'd really like this problem to either - 1) not exist... or 2) be easily fixed without having to connect a PC up to the printer to reflash every second day or stop the print currently in production(i had to reflash three times in the last 2 days to get the screen working again).

Thanks all,


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Check each wire connection into the LCD terminals by pulling in them slightly I had some weird problems with my LCD and found a loose connection on a couple of terminals

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