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Thanks to FelixPrinters

Post by djgeenen »

FelixPrinters, thank you for a beautiful machine. I completed the assembly of my DIY dual extruder Felix 3.0 a couple of days ago and have been printing ever since. I am not a master mechanic and have never assembled a robot before, but in four days, with patience, a slow pace, and meticulously following the assembly instructions, I have a robot that is printing reliably and effortlessly. My compliments to your brilliant design work.

David Geenen
studio djgeenen
Sydney, Australia
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First prints

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Post by seaton »

+1 fully agree this is probably the best printer out there I love it

Felix 2.0 -> Felix 3.0 dual
Simplify3D Slicer, Kisslicer
Have you added your Felix to the Map?

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Post by jefstaes »

had the same experience ... 8-)

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