Ooze Control Dual Head + Simplify

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Ooze Control Dual Head + Simplify

Post by seaton »

Is anyone using Dual Head Felix with simplify?

How do you control the oozing on the extruder not being used?

Do you have a tool Change Script that works?

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Post by Beta »

I've seen other printers like the Ultimaker 3 have very quick tool changes and no ooze whatsoever. The Felix (Tec 4 in my case) oozes like crazy no matter what my retraction settings are. I've got it set for 12mm retraction at 60mm/s and both nozzles ooze for a considerable amount of time until they cool down to around 150C. I'm using standard PLA in the left, and PVA in the right. Doesn't really matter what material, though.

I have been able to get good prints, but only by using the wasteful ooze shield or the even more wasteful priming tower. You can reduce the wastefulness if you can detect which layer the last tool change happens on, but you have to first figure out what that distance is, then you have to use two profiles: One printing the extra stuff until such a height, another with them turned off above that height. Simplify does NOT make it easy to do because the measurements are in mm, but the actual slicing is in # of layers. I would have thought it would be automatic.

I was thinking about building in a wiper into the hardware, but that is problematic for a couple reasons: 1: There is no place the carriage can move that isn't over the build area. 2: There doesn't seem to be much expansion you can do to the main board such that you can automate the process of wiping down the nozzles.

As for a tool change script in Simplify, there's one already in the profile, but it needs to be modified

1. Let S3d do the tool change retraction. I believe that is in the profile's Other tab
2. In the tool change script (which only applies to dual head use), you first move to a safe location. On the Felix printers, there really isn't a place that is not over the printable area so there's not truly a safe place to park.
3. Set the temperature of the current tool to it's cooldown temp.
4. Set the new tool to it's target temperature
5. Wait on both of these

If you set the tool change retraction settings in the Other tab, S3d will deal with the retraction and repositioning of the filament so that doesn't need to be in the script.

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Post by DDME-Marc »

Hi Seaton, Beta,

I targeted three primary areas to combat ooze. Retract speed, extruder thermal break efficiency, and filament moisture content.

In my observations the control for ooze is primary moisture content of the filament, so I employ a 50~60 degree C heated chamber for filament drying 24 hrs prior to printing.
I switched to the E3D hot end to obtain a better thermal break after continued frustration with the Felix 3 hot end, although I see the newer Felix Tec and Pro hot end appear to employ a similar thermal break. The E3D hot end coupled with retract speeds of 50 mm/s can achieve zero ooze with a 10 mm retract when changing over extruders mid print, and negligible ooze with a 2 mm retract for de-string between print paths (using PET filament).

Once retired the extruder cools to 80% of print temp (so typically for PET going from 255 down to 196 C).

If you haven’t already, make sure your filament is perfectly dry…


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