Print ABS possible after Upgrad to felix 3.0

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Print ABS possible after Upgrad to felix 3.0

Post by angryangel »


i would like to upgrade my felix 2.0 to felix 3.0

is it possible to print abs after the upgrade?? or will i still have the probelm that everythings start to deform if i print at the temperatur of ABS

on my first try to print ABS i Heated up the bed to 105°C( i found a really good material for insulation of the bed so this temp was no problem) and the nozzle to 250°C after 30 minutes verything starts to deform and i hade to use my spareparts i luckieliy printed befor this try

i´m afraid to demage the expensiv upgrade parts



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Post by seaton »

No temperature problems with injection moulded parts on v3 Most of my prints are in abs with bed at 100

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