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Old Makerbot Owner Soon to be Felix 3.0 Owner :)

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Hi everyone,

I purchased the new Makerbot Desktop 5th Gen a month ago, which has been my only experience of a 3D printer, which has ended in a total nightmare, no faith in Makerbot anymore, looking for a different 3D printer i did some research and come across Felix 3D Printers and after a few questions yesterday i placed my order for a Felix 3.0 which i can't wait to receive.

Im currently reading some of the threads on these forums, to get a heads up and prepair for when my new printer arrives, and noticed people talking about slic3r etc. So I'm just looking for some advice / guidance as a new user from experience users to get a head start and pointed in the right direction.

Which software to use, how it might differ from what I'm use to, ( tinker cad, 123d ), best places to order PLA do, different brands make much of a difference. Any tips/advice would be gratefully received.

Also does anyone have photos of anything printed in 50microns, i was quiet impressed with the 100micros on my old printer.

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Hi Kiteboarder

Slic3r is a slicing software like Makerware, but you have much more options.
You can configure almost every parameter, the different speed settings for inner perimeter, outer perimeter, Infill, etc. You can setup
- different infill-patterns
- top/bottom-layer fill patterns
- amount of horizontal and vertical shells
- layer height
- different support structures
- Infill and support density
- printing temperature
- retraction settings
- etc.

The bad thing is that Slic3r doesn´t come with predefined profiles.
The other preinstalled slicer is SFACT, which HAS predefined profiles from Felix. I just copied the speed settings and it works so far ( i just have a problem with my z-axis loosing steps, but that´s another story :roll: ).

You can find filament here for example : http://www.3dmensionals.de/filamente/

I wonder which problems you had with your makerbot? It was also on my list but a bit too expensive.

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Post by satoer »

What was wrong with the makerbot? It looks like a fine printer to me. What do you expect the felix can deliver where the makerbot failed?
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satoer wrote:What was wrong with the makerbot? It looks like a fine printer to me. What do you expect the felix can deliver where the makerbot failed?

I had the Makerbot Desktop 5th Gen, its not been out long and has the new smart extruder which is where all the issues come, and and the auto levelling sensor. It appears they rushed this product out, the smart extruder, my self along with many others where getting constant jams inside the extruder and the design is such that you can't get inside the extruder without taking it apart and then validating the warranty. I took mine apart and was able to take out the jammed bits, but it wasn't long before another jam etc.

I was sent out a replacement extruder which when it arrive like a few others, was quite different in design so it looks like a design flaw. However my self along with a couple of others upon receiving the new revised extruder when connecting it, was failing to read by the makerbot its self, and kept chucking out an error. Support with makerbot asked to press the spring mounted pins as they could be a contact issue, but this didn't resolve the issue either, and that was straight out of the box.

the Z18 has been held up due to the smart extruder issue, which is a $6,000 monster in size. The amount of people on the official makerbot google group reporting extruder problems was crazy, even speaking to the UK distributor he was having server jamming issues.

The tech support was taking around 5-7 days to reply to emails, instead you had to call them to get a ticket/case looked at, the final straw for me after spending £2,400 on the makerbot was them not being able to give me an ETA on when they could ship out a new extruder to me.

Its a real shame as it is idoit proof how they have made it, and simple to use, but what was meant to be there new selling point the smart extruder ( solving problems making levelling easier ) turned out to be a huge problem for many people.

The makerbot also wasn't a heated bed, so you had to use blue mask paper, however because of a couple of issues with the extruder jamming it was messing up the levelling process and the extruder nib would start tearing in to the blue masking paper.

The reason i choose the Felix 3.0 is i like how upgradable it is, how you can access any area etc freely without much trouble, and while I've not had a jam yet, touch wood, it seems a lot more reliable. However i am finding it very difficult at the moment with the Felix getting software to work and my prints to match certain aspects of the makerbot and how good that was at slicing etc. Not sure if half of my problem is I've got a MAC and software never seems as supported the same as a PC version :(

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...Welcome to the Dark side....

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