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What is the issue you have with Slic3r ?
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kiteboarder wrote: At the moment I've used SFACT, SIMPLIFY3D and tried to use Slic3r. You mention the layer hight? do you have a screen shot of where this is, their is so many options and settings I'm getting over whelmed by it all now. Will i have to print to see a difference in that section and how does changing the first layer hight make that much of an impact that far up the model?
For Simplyfy3D and if I remember correctly (I am currently sitting at a computer which does not have Simplify installed), it is under the "Layers" tab in the lower left corner (1st layer height and speed). And the 1st layer height will determine at which height exactly all the other layers are placed along Z. So yes, it will have an effect (small though) up to the very last layer and you will see it in the 3D previewers already.
kiteboarder wrote: Its driving me insane, as them 3D views are whats happening as you can see with the Red Printout, the natural curve just isn't there with the bottom bit its more like a diagonal slice taken out of it, and the holes look just as bad when finish as these are meant for screws etc to pass through.
That's exactly what I cannot see in the 3D previews, where it looks all as can be expected when slicing a circular shape. Just compare the length of the bridge in the preview with the bridge in the red part.[/quote]
kiteboarder wrote: whats more annoying is my makerbot when i had it printed every time flawlessly the same curves I'm trying to achieve here.
As I mentioned earlier, it might be just a too high temperature setting, or the cooling in the Felix is less efficient. And, of course, the slicing can make a difference - there are just so many parameters and you might have been just lucky when you printed it on the Makerbot. I had such a problem once even with one and the same machine. Whatever I did, I was not able to reproduce the nice overhang printing results I achieved a while ago. That was when I decided to archive all the G-code files ever used for final printouts and have kind of a diary where I try to keep all additional information regarding printing and printer modding.
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The white model in the first set of images i printed 20-30 times when i was happy with the design and everyone turned out equally as good but this was with the makerbot, i also printed several revisions and they where good too, so wasn't a one off. The red one with the Felix and the other software has a nice finish to it everywhere else don't get me wrong its just the areas around curves either inside or on the outside.

Ive tried printing on rafts, I've printed with the bed not heated and using blue mask tape instead etc and also changed the first layer hight but every time i print it gets to about 95% of the way with printing a hole within the object and on that last 5% it just prints a bridge across the two points, when in theory it could just keep printing each layer with a smaller and smaller gap between the left and right side of the hole as it has been doing all the way up until that point. Again when i look at the 3D G CODE View the gap is also there, which can only tell me the printer is only doing as its told and its down to the Slicing software??

Its same as this photo here, to top looks a rubbish finish, before the last two layers, it looks like the curve is formed perfect by printer each layer the same thickness across, then when it gets to the last couple of layers you have a gap twice as much. This is whats happening to the underneath of any curve, and producing that really bad finish with the red model, its stepping out to far on the overhand and they its not holding as good.

Ive even done out site supports too for the curve at the base of my model, but same thing, on each level that was printed at the start of the curve it was double stepping the layer out so it didnt look like a curve was more like a slant.
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Hugues wrote:What is the issue you have with Slic3r ?
I can't seem to get the profiles correct, and spits out error within the status command screen. And I'm not sure how i can copy someone else's profiles and put them where mine are.

All the settings between Slic3r Skeiforge and the other applications out there are over whelming and mashing my head. I do miss the Plug and Play experience you get with Makerbot.

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them import the G-CODE back into Repetier Fut Coins

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