how to trim trimmers in electronic board

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how to trim trimmers in electronic board

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there's 6 trimmers in electronics board is there any explanation how to trim them properly?

in picture 111 is trimmer positions for version 2 are the positions good for version 3 too ?

arto hautala

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I trimmed my trimmers like the picture 111 shows on my Felix 3.0, it works fine so far.
But you have space to adjust them, if the motors get too hot, turn them clock wise (less power), if they skip steps (clicking), give them more power.
You can hear that the frequency of the stepper driver changes when you turn the trimmer. Higher frequence = more power (If i remember it correctly ;) )

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yes as per what Legion said above, after initial adjustment do a resonable calibration print and check the temperature of the motors, if they're hot to touch back them off (clockwise), if not and their not skipping any steps just leave them.

I don't think there is much difference between v2 and v3 controller boards, intact a friend of mine recently purchased the new V3 while I had a V2 and the controllers both had the same version number.

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