Ninjaflex Printing Problem

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Ninjaflex Printing Problem

Post by AUM_unibe »

Hey folks
We are using a Felix Printer 3.0 with dual extrusion and have the following problem with Ninjaflex (in combination with HIPS):
  • Extrudes are not fluent
    Small, yellow scraps as result of recurrently constipation
As slicing-profile we are using a preset from Kisslicer, but weren't successful so far. Are there any profiles in the Web (from Slic3r or Skeinforge)? What are proven settings (heat, speed etc.)?
Grateful for every tip that improves our printingprozess.


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Post by hvdd »

i use arnitel of flex pla, works fine, slicing with SK, bed temp at 60° but after the first layer switch off heating bed, heat extruder at 225°C. speed at 100 or 110

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