Stability issues on bed?

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Stability issues on bed?

Post by sterna »

I'm thinking of buying a Felix 3.0 printer, as it looks really good, and offers som great features to a nice price. I have one concern however. Since the bed is only supported on one side, could this lead to stability issues, especially on the side with no support? I've been looking at other printers, and most of them has support on two sides of the bed.
Has anyone had any stability issues affecting the print result due to this?

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I didn´t notice major stability issues. The only problem that can occur is when the table reaches it´s resonance frequency, this leads to slight vibrations (only happens on very small infilled spots).

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Post by seaton »

Since the change to the new bed design I must admit it is a lot better than the old one and happy with it overall, however, I still find printing to left/front or left/back (unsupported areas) can be fiddly, especially when trying to get a first layer down, I also print onto glass plates.

When I do a big print, it's always these areas I seem to have issues with with build plate gap alignment, even when the rest of my plate is properly aligned.

For most of my prints which are small/medium size I print on the Right (looking from front) over the Y Axis bearing, and don't have any problems.

I do think that there can be improvements with the current design to fix these areas somehow, but as I said earlier it is a lot better than the original design.

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