Extruder and Sensor mount issues

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Extruder and Sensor mount issues

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Just got my dual extruder kit and started assembling today. As noted in other posts, step 57 has unclear instructions on where to put the thin nuts. As with the other poster, my friend and I had to disassemble and reassemble to get this to work. Even then, we could only get one of the bolts in step 66a to bite. For the other we think that the slot is loose to the point where the nut is just turning in place. Will only having one of these bolts firmly tightened be a problem? If so, any suggestions as to how to make this work?

A few steps later, installing the 2nd optical sensor, we ran into another problem. The screws that were supplied (2.2 x 9 Phillips A2) are too short to grab in the supplied party. The Bill of materials calls them out as 2.2 x 13 Phillips A2, but I measured them and they are only 9 mm long (fitting what is called out in the assembly instructions). I guess I will go and buy some longer screws; hope that will solve the problem.

Finally, wondering a little about the orientation of the hot ends. Seems like tightening the fan screws in step 66a locks these into place, but I was kind of surprised there weren't any instructions on making sure the flat ends opposite the wires were parallel or something like that.

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The main thing is to make sure that bot hot ends are level on the build plate, even if one is out by a whisker it will cause problems. Also you will more than likely need to have all nuts correctly tightened as this can cause problems in the way the two hot ends are ultimately located with the tension of the clamp, I think I read something in the user manual about this and the need to be down up evenly else it can warp and cause then of the hot ends to be out.

I recently bought 2 new v4 hot ends and the machined end on one was slightly longer than the other(measured with callipers), if this happens you will find one end will drag across your work and cause all sorts of issues. Solution is either to shim up the longest hotend within the housing, in my I didn't have shims and couldn't get any more adjustment out of the peek so I used a piece of very fine Wet and dry and placed it on the print bed and jogged down so it just touches and removed the extra bit and repeated until both hot ends caught on the paper, now both my hot ends are indeed parallel and same height front the build plate

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