difficulties to commicate with laptop

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difficulties to commicate with laptop

Post by artohautala »

hello ,

Hi hello,
I want to use laptop to communicate with felix printer...

but after about maybe about half an hour it stop to communicate...

and when I click connect button the connect button is green about two seconds and then it's red again...

any experience about such a problem?==?
I have tried with two laptops no success...
is it so that laptop usb port do not give current enough ? maybe active usb hub help ??

have fun

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Post by agentmulder »

I had my prints stop randomly when using USB (well, random enough at my level of observation). USB just isn't suited to real time capability. Solution was to run the prints off an SD card directly.

You don't even need the LCD for this as RH will allow you to browse the SD card and stop/pause/stop prints on board the Felix.

However, you can still look at temps and fans etc... aaaand, take your laptop away any time you like - which is the real benefit.

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